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What Others Say About our Founder
If there ever was a team to trust with your PPC management, it's Aaris. My advice? Grab your spot before your competitor does!
- Rinku Arora : Princeton Academy - (princetonacademy.in) - Leaders in executive education

You people must be the smartest guys on the planet when it comes to Google AdWords! Kaushal's smart research and ROI based advertising is brilliant. Thanks for managing my account.

- Dr. Parasmani, INDIA

THE RESULTS I AM STARTING TO SEE ARE FANTASTIC. Kaushal's Adwords management has helped me get to a point where I have daily emails from people who want to buy our services. I have increased my prices by 50% with no decrease in sales.
- Daniel E. Flynn, Director - IN
The leads have starting to flow in. This is awesome!
- Calvin T. Gamble, Belmont, MA
When we tried advertising online, we were making huge losses as our CPC was very high. We decided to stop Adwords. When Kaushal convinced us, we decided to try again. Now we get leads on regular basis. I recommend Kaushal's services highly.
- Jitendra Sanghvi, coppernickbars.com
"Kaushal is brilliant in lead generation in B2b and B2c markets specially using Google search."
- Bart E. Johnson, NJ- USA

Leads And Orders Generated For You By Pay Per Click Experts

Now Managed by Kaushal Gandhi (author of the book "Google Adwords Management” available on amazon.com bookstore )


Dear Friend:

Google Adwords is undoubtedly THE advertising breakthrough of the 21st century. The fact that you show your ad to the people already interested in your offer, ... and get charged only when they visit your "offer page", is historical.

Google and other search engines charge advertisers less money for very relevant ads which gets lots of clicks (and penalize all the others), ... So PPC management has become a full time job!

If you are NOT doing ALL of the following ALL the time, it is very difficult to get profits from PPC. In the current situation of increasing competition, costs, and quality requirements imposed by the search engines you need to maximize the ROI to stay in the game:

Which Of The Following
ROI Boosting Activities
Do You Do At Least Weekly
In Your PPC Account?

  • Do you run split tests (and advanced, multivariate tests) on all your pay per click campaigns to improve the performance of every keyword, and adgroup?
  • When you run split tests, do you base the winner on which ad makes you the most money each time it's shown... or are you still using the old-school method of comparing click through and conversion? Hint: you've got to combine click through and conversion into onenumber -- profit per impression -- or else you're just making the search engines rich!
  • When you run split tests, do you base the winner on which ad makes you the most money each time it's shown... or are you still using the old-school method of comparing click through and conversion? Hint: you've got to combine click through and conversion into onenumber -- profit per impression -- or else you're just making the search engines rich!
  • Do you systematically "peel and stick" keywords so you can deliver precisely what searchers are looking for... and immediately "take them out" of the competitive environment?
  • Are you tracking conversions to leads and sales at the keyword level?
  • Are you leveraging the mountain of traffic available in Google's content network...or are you confused by the extremely different way in which it functions? (It requires distinctly different types of ads, a different way of defining adgroups, a different type of landing page, and regular tracking and exclusion of non-performing sites)
  • Are you leveraging dynamic keyword insertion the right way?
  • Are you spying on your competitor's keywords and ads, search position, and impressions...then tracking their campaigns on a daily basis? Do you know which competitors are most successful, on what keywords, and with which ads? How else would you know who to emulate and who to ignore?
  • Are you using ALL 6 match types in your pay per click campaigns, or are you confused about the subtle, but powerful differences between them?(Yes: there are actually SIX keyword match types in Google, and that's not even counting "session based broad" or "automatic matching")
  • Do you know the difference between "keyword intelligence" and "market intelligence"...and do you have a method for integrating market intelligence insights into your PPC campaigns?
  • If you market internationally, do you run separate campaigns for different countries? (Competition varies greatly from country to country ... why bid all your traffic at the most expensive price levels?)
  • If you market locally, do you geo-target down to the state, city, or even the town level?
  • What measures do you take against click fraud? Do you identify violators and screen out their IP addresses?
  • How aggressively do you use negative keywords in your campaigns? (Hint - many advertisers reduce their costs by 30% or more without losing a single sale when they identify an exhaustive list of negatives)
  • Do you regularly monitor your server logs to expand your keyword reach? (They'll show you specific keywords people searched for that you may not be bidding on -- add them to your campaigns to reduce your costs and increase your click through rates & traffic!)

Or, perhaps you already KNOW all this and did it really well when you only had a few campaigns to run ... but now you're STRUGGLING TO FIND THE TIME to manage it all? (There's no worse feeling than knowing what to do, but not having the time to actually do what you know, right?)

Either Way We Can Help!
Unless You Fit One Of The Categories Below
(please don't submit a request if you do)

CAN'T HELP YOU CATEGORY: You're selling something which we might disapprove of. This includes hate pornography, cigarettes, speed seduction, gambling, and other products and services lacking social value.

Please Continue Reading to Discover
Why We Think This is the Absolute Best
for Your Bottom Line!

All PPC accounts go through a
set up/overhaul phase (where a lot
more work is required) followed by
a maintenance & ROI expansion phase

  • SET UP/OVERHAUL PHASE: Because all PPC accounts are different, during the first phase, a lot of time is required for your manager to gain familiarity with your market, your company, and your products and services. Time is also required for you and your manager to develop a groove with your personal management style, objectives, and risk tolerance. Keyword research is initiated or expanded, and competitive market evaluation takes place. Tracking and ROI benchmarking is established, reporting systems are developed and agreed upon. Your AdWords account is begun or re-worked.
  • MAINTENANCE & ROI EXPANSION PHASE: Once your account is "in shape", the focus shifts to adjusting bid prices and maximizing ROI for existing keywords and ad groups, rolling out your campaign to other major PPC engines, and discovering new keywords to attract more traffic which continues to perform. Eventually, a point of diminishing returns is reached in efforts to identify new keywords, improve ad copy, and achieve higher ROI within your PPC account alone, at which point the focus can shift to landing page and sales process enhancements, regular monitoring of the market for the entry of new competitors, and adjustments to reflect the evolution of PPC engine quality algorithms.
  • Because every market is different, and because every client is different...
  • We charge setup fees of Rs. 10000/- (one time). It will help us in understanding market intelligence & competitive analysis. It will get your account "humming" and ready to go. Your set up fee is the result of a very careful evaluation of your account, as well as your business and personal goals in working with us. We are PPC doctor. You pay consulting fees for analysing xray of your business. Here is the link to pay it online.
  • Once your account is humming, you'll pay only a very small percent of your ad costs for our efforts to maintain and expand your reach (and your profits).
  • Unlike most PPC companies, we have incredibly high quality standards for our managers:
  • oOur PPC managers must be familiar with landing page optimization, and website conversion strategies in particular.
  • oOur PPC managers must also understand the Research process and be able, at minimum, to add a level of market intelligence to your PPC campaigns.

You can cancel any time.

After your PPC Audit, we'll provide you with a detailed blueprint which lays the foundation and road map for your success. Retaining us is easy, should you choose to do so. We'll set clear and concise performance benchmarks and get your account performing fast. Once it is, we'll revert to the percent of spend model as outlined above. (Details provided in the blueprint)

There are NO complicated accounting statements to decipher, ... and most importantly, your manager has the incentive to provide you ongoing value.

You can cancel any time.

This is the section where I could write a long, detailed list of the reports, activities, and minimum hours of labour which would be applied to your account each month. I could talk to you about split testing ads, expanding your keywords, lowering your cost per acquisition, Taguchi testing, peeling and sticking ad groups, improving your quality score, managing your bids, etc. And that's what I WOULD do if I wanted to convince as many people as possible to come on board.

But I'm not going to do that, because I only want to attract people who are familiar with our work and our integrity.

I guess what I'm saying is, you'll know if you're getting good value by looking at your RESULTS ... the rest is really academic isn't it?

There are literally hundreds of PPC management companies out there, and many of them are certified by Google like we are. (It's great that Google is concerned with a minimum level of competency, ... but to be totally honest, that's all the certification really proves ... any B+ high school student could probably study for and pass their certification test in just a few weeks).

The guy who "wrote the book" on PPC runs Aarisclicks. Its an endorsement every other pay per click company would be extremely hard pressed to match.

NO Password required

We do not need your adwords userID and password to access your account.

Okay, but then how would I access your account? Here's how..


Step 1: You need to email us (on support [@] aarisclicks.in ) your Adwords client ID (located on top right corner of your Adwords account)

Step 2: We shall add your account to our MCC (Agency account) & email you back

Step 3: You need to confirm access request under My Account -> Account Access

Step 4: Under action field - Click on 'Grant access'.

Depending on level of engagement you may give access as under:


  • Administrative access -- Manage all aspects of the account and give people access.
  • Standard access -- Make changes to campaigns and give people email-only access.


It Starts With Our Initial
PPC Consultation, And You'll Walk Away
With An ROI Enhancing Blueprint Worth
Many Times More Than You Pay!

Think this might be for you? Get started by spending 30 minutes with one of our managers to talk things over and have a look at your account together, and learn more about your business and personal goals.

Within a few days of your consultation we'll prepare a customized PPC BLUEPRINT that outlines exactly what needs to be done on your account.

Even if you don't decide to retain our services, the blueprint in and of itself will be worth several times your Rs. 10,000 investment (usually 15x to 20x ... )

I look forward to working with you for generating leads and sales for your website.

(Kaushal Gandhi)

P.S.: When you buy clicks from Google, is there a money-back guarantee? Of course not. But I do have a guarantee:

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are unhappy with our services / expertise any time in the first 30 days of the billing cycle, you can cancel for a full refund.

Performance Guarantee:

Each week’s we will improve upon your Adwords account with action steps. We guarantee at least 30% improvement in ROI of account. If we don’t achieve this improvement, you can get your money back.




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