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Google Adwords Management: Time Saving With Adwords Editor

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Google Adwords Management Guide: Time Saving With Adwords Editor

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Kaushal Gandhi

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Kaushal Gandhi, - widely recognized as an "AdWords expert" who has helped hundreds of clients succeed in pay per click campaigns, reveals one of the most important Adwords knowledge material.

“We will help you out in getting more leads and calls from your Adwords campaign at lesser cost in 3 ways”

1. Pre-Click Analysis: What is the USP of your business? How different you are then competitors in the market?
2. Adwords Management: Creating Ads and campaigns which brings desired results as per business goals and expectations.
3. Analytics: Measuring and Improving results after the visitors lands on the page.

No matter how much or how little you spend on advertising, my company are here to help you succeed..

Kindly provide us information about your how to achive business goals using Google Adwords. My team would be happy to provide you answers to your query. Discuss Adwords issues today and improve your account performance!

You'll also get...

  • PPC Management Mindmap

    Adwords BootCamp

    Get detailed step-by-step information and apply it to your existing campaigns. You will save time, frustration, money and achieve immediate improvements! Do not fumble around in Google AdWords darkness!

  • Account Optimization

    Discover the one little known analytics that impacts Ad Copy, Quality Score, CPC & Budget.

    Find out why "99% of Adwords advertisers are making split testing decisions using the wrong numbers!"

    Find out how to use Excel Spreadsheet to forecast CTR

    Discover how to cut your ad spend by 50% while using broad keywords

  • Adwords Bid Management

    Almost all Adwords advertisers are making initial keyword bidding using the wrong number!" Are you one of them?

    Stop the temptation of increasing the bid amount based on 'first page bid estimate'

    Discover the Rs. 5000 CPC bidding myth

    Discover simple formula for bidding on high converting keywords

    Learn how to reduce CPC by 60% using 'start to finish' technique

  • Conversion Optimization

    Learn how 'Who, Why and What' can increase conversion

    What to do when you don't know the demographics of your website visitors

    5 Types of 'Social Proofs' that will improve website conversion from day 1

    The best way to improve conversion by classifying website visitors

  • CTR Improvement

    Stop writing 'me too' ads. Stand-out amongst competition

    4 easy techniques for improving CTR

    Knowing Hal Varian = Knowing Quality Score. Why Isn't Anyone Talking About this?

    Enjoy Adwords lesson from Mumbai stock exchange

  • Improving Quality Score

    How to get 10 quality score analysing 'human psychology'

    6 quality score factors that hardly any one talks about

    Find different types of websites that have permanent low quality score, no matter what you do!

    Understand 4 landing page factors affecting quality score. It's like 'pass' or 'fail'

And much more..

You can compete with those big companies, but you must have the expert advise. Most people do not get updated with latest changes. Rest feel fearful and defeated. You can still get affordable clicks when you have high Click Through Rates and Quality Scores. Adwords complexity works to your advantage when you have expert advise. However, you must discuss Adwords issues with us.

Please understand, this is NOT about writing slightly better Ads or quality scores. This is about locating the exact right prospects online. Excluding the wrong people. Engaging the right audience with YOUR USP, Your sales message and hook.

If you're behind now, you will only fall further behind in 2013 and beyond. You can apply this information to your own campaigns for successful AdWords management...

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