Kaushal has helped hundreds of Google advertisers succeed in their online advertising campaign.
Author of Google Adwords Management: Time Saving With Adwords Editor ISBN: 978-1-62050-803-9Available at Amazon.com bookstore
What Others Say About our Founder
"Kaushal, the Adwords advice that you gave me was probably some of the best advice that I received all year"
- A S Mann (sasmira.edu)
"Last Friday I changed the landing page according to your instructions. My average conversion rate jumped from 1.2% to was almost 3.8%. Thanks again!."
- Robert Turner, USA
Thanks for breathing new life into my Google AdWords Campaign! So far my CTR has been pushed up from about 1.4 to 3.0%.
- Sanjay Jagtap ~ Managing Director, Shree Samarth Styling P Ltd
You gave me insights I didn't have before and it's definitely increased my conversions. I've got a 20% savings in my cost per click!
-Rinku Arora (princetonacademy.in)
The leads for my copper nickel business are starting to roll in. This is awesome. B2b leads are hard to come by! But I now have more business than I can handle. I recommend Kaushal's advice highly.
- Dilip Sanghvi
"Last Friday I changed the landing page according to your instructions. My average conversion rate jumped from 1.2% to was almost 3.8%. Thanks again!."
- David Hendricks, USA
Thanks again for the your help with the campaign! We saved the cost of the 60-minute call in the first week itself- Suresh Verma, Southern Packers & Movers

Google Adwords Consulting

" I Will Personally Help You Increase Your CTR, Lower Your Cost, and Get More Conversions on Your Website. "

Kaushal Gandhi - 60 Minute Phone Consulting

Kaushal consulting

Kaushal is Adwords Expert having looked into hundreds of Adwords account. His review of your Adwords account is 'Ultimate Improvement Weapon'. With his advice, you should be able to make immediate and actionable improvement to your Adwords strategy live over the phone.

(NOTE: We do not offer consulting for adult or gambling or illegal businesses that we are not comfortable with)

If Google AdWords Scares You…
If You’re Spending Far Too Much And
Getting Way Too Little Results…

  • Get Your Quality Score up
  • Push Your Click Cost down
  • Stay on the 1st page
  • Show Ads more often
  • Avoid slaps & bans


If you want to make immediate, tangible, decisive progress and put your online business on a rock-solid foundation today, I have consulting offer for you.

Adwords is considerably more complicated than when it was introduced. But I will give you new confidence in Pay per Click.

Top 3% of the advertisers get 70% of the traffic. My job is to equip you to land in that top 3%. The other 97% will fight over the scraps.

Build Real Negative List

Most people have no idea how to do this. After the consulting session you shall be able to build a “real” negative keyword list. It can cut your ad spend by 15-25% and sell just as much product as you did before. Negative keywords are an art form in and of themselves.


Most people know a thing or two about negative keywords – like adding words like “-free” and “-cheap” to keyword lists (which may or may not actually work) but the rabbit hole goes FAR deeper than that.


We have developed an internal suite of research procedures to do this. Negative keywords increase your conversion rate, increase your CTR and decrease your spend by preventing your ads from being seen by people who won’t buy.


My Adwords Consulting covers

  • Google Search
  • The Display Network
  • Image Ad
  • Ad Copywriting Strategies
  • Targeted Site Placement
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Conversion
  • Quality Scores
  • Local advertising and Geo-Targeting


Who This Is For, And Not For

- If you’ve gotten started with AdWords but don’t feel confident yet, this is for you

- If you’ve been using AdWords for several years but you know you’re leaving money on the table, this is where you’ll find the exact location of that money and which holes to plug.

- This is not for you unless you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and TAKE ACTION. (If you’re not willing to do this, what are you doing instead that’s more important? Is sitting at your computer answering emails going to get you where you want to go????) Yes, the calls will be fun, the information will be stimulating, the conversations entertaining. But we’re here to improve your business, not goof around.


Good Marketing Consultants are hard to find. We deliver what we promise. We turn clicks into cash.

Here’s how this works

Preparation: We’ll email you after your payment is processed and fax or email it in. You may also email marketing materials and documents that you feel will be helpful in defining the discussion.

Scheduling: We will advise you of the next available consultation day.

Focus: This will be a full-tilt consulting session with nothing held back. You will not be “strung along” in a thinly disguised sales pitch for consulting services.

Recording: The call will be recorded for you and you will receive a PDF summary copy, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes – just concentrate on the discussion.

NO Password required

We do not need your adwords userID and password to access your account.

Okay, but then how would I access your account? Here's how..


Step 1: You need to email us (on support [@] aarisclicks.in ) your Adwords client ID (located on top right corner of your Adwords account)

Step 2: We shall add your account to our MCC (Agency account) & email you back

Step 3: You need to confirm access request under My Account -> Account Access

Step 4: Under action field - Click on 'Grant access'.

Depending on level of consultation you may give access as under:


  • Administrative access -- Manage all aspects of the account and give people access.
  • Standard access -- Make changes to campaigns and give people email-only access.
  • Read-only access -- View campaigns and run reports


On completion of consulting, you may terminate access.


My Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point in the first 15 minutes, you do not feel you are getting your money’s worth, you can say “stop” and you’re off the hook – the consultation is free. After minute 15, you’re in for the whole ride.

My Performance Guarantee

I’m dead serious about this, so I am making a huge performance guarantee that basically says if you participate, I’m going to refund you if you don’t get at least a 30% improvement in your AdWords campaign performance . But you must do your part. Here’s how it works:


  • You can expect a 30%+ Adwords improvement, which specifically means:
  • You’ll see a minimum 30% CTR boost for your highest traffic keywords, OR
  • You’ll see a 30% reduction in Cost Per Action (cost per lead, cost per sale) OR
  • You’ll see a 30% increase in traffic

…or your money back


Rs. 5000/- for the entire 60 minues consultation covering every points that you intend to discuss, with nothing held back.

I look forward to equipping you with the very latest Adwords Strategies in this fast-paced 60 minute experience.

(Kaushal Gandhi)

P.S.: When you buy clicks from Google, is there a money-back guarantee? Of course not. But I do have a guarantees


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